1 thought on “32 שבועות

  1. פרנק

    You'll Get Bit… Ya BIT! (DJ Steve Porter's Community on NBC Remix)
    Jimmy Smith – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (Oh No Remix)
    Poni Hoax – The paper bride
    The Crystal Method (featuring Emily Haines) – Come Back Clean
    Eatliz – Fire
    Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior
    Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Indian Burn
    Pomplamoose – Favorite Things
    Slow Runner – She Wants to Wrap Her Legs Around the World
    Baruch Friedland – Stumbling on Heaven
    Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
    יוני רכטר, אבנר קנר – To Be Alone
    Elliott Smith – Everything Reminds Me Of Her
    Wildmimi Antigroove Syndicate – Never talk to this chicken


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