1 thought on “המומנטום של מיקה ועדי

  1. פרנק

    Pennywise – Fuck Authority
    EMF – Children
    Hercules & Love Affair feat. Antony Hegarty – Blind
    !!! – Must Be The Moon (Hot Chip Remix)
    Project Jenny, Project Jan – 320
    Hot Chip – Shake A Fist
    Muscles – Chocolate Raspberry Lemon & Lime
    Chris Walla – The Score
    Hush Sound – Honey
    Hush Sound – Momentum
    Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    Be Your Own Pet – The Kelly Affair
    Got No Shame – Stranded
    קוקוס – מירי
    Nik Kershaw – Human Racing
    Brand New – I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
    Young Love – Find Another Way To Dance
    The Streets – Irony of it All
    The Faint – Your Retro Career Melted
    She Wants Revenge – What I Want
    Bjork – Innocence (Mark Stent Mix)
    MIA ft. Timbaland – Come Around
    Uffie – Brand New Car
    My Brightest Diamond – Golden Star (Alias remix)
    Shy Child – The Volume
    Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Let's Make Out
    Chris Walla – Everybody Needs A Home
    Be Your Own Pet?
    Rufus Wainwright – Tulsa


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