1 thought on “לפני המפץ הגדול

  1. פרנק Post author

    Barenaked Ladies – The History of Everything
    Everything Everything – My Keys, Your Boyfriend
    Talk Talk – Today
    Electra – I Feel Love
    Gnarls Barkley – Storm Coming
    Sam Sparro – Black & Gold
    Somatic – La Chica
    א גרויסע מציאה – איך וייס נישט
    Christophe Beck – Last Chance
    The Ascetic Junkies – Gone Shootin'
    Magnus Moriarty – No Tale for a Ferry
    Kutiman – Just a Lady
    Itamar Zeigler – Nani's Song
    Loveable Tulips – I Am Just A Heart
    Shira Z. Carmel – Change (My Mind)
    Yael Kraus – Mistake


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