Galadriel by Sandrine Gestin
Galadriel by Sandrine Gestin

הגענו לאוסף שאני הכי אוהב. מקווה שגם אתם תהנו ממנו.
נערך בדצמבר 2003. להורדה.

Side A

Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb
Client – Rock and Roll Machine
Les Rythmes Digitales feat. Nik Kershaw – Sometimes
The Faint – Violent
And One – Get You Closer
The O – Anal Thermometer
Xploding Plastix – Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation
Dombrance – Summer's Gone
Erik Truffaz – Magrouni
Youngblood Brass Band – Brooklyn
Earthlings – Disco Marching Kraft
The Flesh – Death Connection
Mclusky – There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson
The Red Elvises – Cosmonaut Petrov
Datarock – I Used To Dance With My Daddy

Side B

Ennio Morricone/Joan Baez – The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti
Can – Thief
He Said – Could You?
King of Woolworths – Sell Me Back My Soul
Ilya (UK) – Asleep At The Wheel
Infectious Organisms – City Limits
Mount Sims – How We Do (+)
Brad Sucks – Look And Feel Years Younger
Rob – Don't Kill
Lo'jo- Baji Larabat
Senor Coconut – Oxygene Part 2
The Stills – Still in Love Song
מרסדס בנד – משנכנס אדר
Richard Cheese – Chop Suey
Mugison – Ear


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